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Target Earth

Year 2030 AC. Hundreds of flying saucers from Outer Space suddenly surround our planet. The alien invasion has begun. Using coercion, intimidation and terror, and supported by advanced technology, the aliens achieve initial success when several countries succumb and take side with them, convinced of the invaders superiority. The aliens install bases in these countries from which they control their territory and repress any hint of resistance.

This is the preface to Target Earth, a new semi-cooperative game released by Gen-X Games, the Spanish publisher that shaked the games world with 2 De Mayo and Luna Lena. This is the first Jacobo Cagigal design and, for me, a really great coming-out.

Target Earth theme is not really new, at least for people aware of the UFO videogames series. The earth conventional armies are destroyed and the only hope lies in an allied secret project, supported by the latest human technologies: secret bases from which a resistance will be organized. Human technology is not enough: to win players have to defeat aliens in ground battles to recover materials to study alien technology.

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Is it a Bargain or Junk ?

I’m been used, during my childhood, to play a lot of classical card games in my family, like Scopa, Tresette or Briscola (Trump).

Nowadays I prefer to play deeper board and card games with themes and bits but I’m been intrigued by Bargain Hunter for several reason.

First of all is an Uwe Rosemberg design and I really like his design: Le Havre and Agricola are in my hall of fame and I also like a lot Bohnanza.

Second I like the theme since my father in law is used to attend local street markets and his house is really full of junks (and trash!).

The deck is made of 108 item cards in 6 colors. Each item is numbered from 1 to 9 and appears twice in each color. There are also 2 irresistible offers cards. The game is played in round: the exact number of round change according to the number of players. Every round 8 cards are dealed to each player.

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Dizionario dei Giochi Zanichelli

I’m happy to inform the gamers community that Zanichelli, probably the Italian greatest dictioinary publisher, has just released the Dizionario dei Giochi (Games Dictionary) by Andrea Angiolino (Wings of War and Isla Dorada designer) and Beniamino Sidoti (one of the funders of Lucca Comics & Games and one of the Italian greatest expert about games). It is a project started more than 10 years ago finally on the shelves.

Here what Angiolino and Beniamino told me about this dictionary

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PLAY the Games Festival nominated for the Best Breakthrough Festival Award

PLAY: The Games Festival, the Italian greatest gamers event (next edition 26-27 March 2011) organized by Club TreEmme and La Tana dei Goblin together with many Italians Association, has been nominated for the important Best Breakthrough Festival Award at the Festival of Festivals.

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Lucca Comics & Games Best of Show: nomination and side awards

Essen gates are just closed that one of the greatest European games events is already approaching. From 29th of October to the 1st of November will take place Lucca Comics & Games. 4 days of events, meeting, comics and, of course, games.

Since Italy is still missing a real “Game of the Year”, Lucca Comics & Games Best of Show is actually our greatest game award. Here the official press release about nomination and side award.

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Premio Archimede – the Winner is …

Here is the official press release from Studiogiochi about Premio Archimede. (I’m not setting it in blockquotes to make the article easier to read.) I’m quite sure we will see some of these games on the shelves in the next years. ….

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Area Autoproduzione, an international collaboration of self-publishers

Was 2004 when I asked my dear friend, Angelo Porazzi, to make the camper-travel with me for Essen and give Warangel an international chance. Was a great experience and a nice time for both us. In 2004 really few Italians publishers was attending the Spiel and really few Italian gamers too. Angelo was so enchanted by the fair that joined me also the following year with a new card game, TATATA! …

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