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HEROICA: La Foresta di Waldurk

Premessa sulla linea Heroica della LEGO Games
La linea di giochi da tavolo Herica della LEGO Games costituisce un sistema modulare di avventure. Ogni avventura può essere giocata indipendentemente o si possono combinare 2 o più set per realizzare una avventura più complessa. Le regole di gioco dei vari set sono comuni, ma in ogni scatola vengono introdotte alcune regole specifiche dell’avventura. Nella modalità di gioco base ogni giocatore utilizza un avventuriero. Nella modalità di gioco “Battle Heroica un giocatore utilizza i mostri e gli altri giocatori gli avventurieri.
Nel regolamento è esplicito l’invito ad utilizzare il gioco non solo con le regole base fornite nella confezione, ma con le varianti proposte nel regolamento, con quelle disponibili in rete e sopratutto con quelle pensate ed ideate dai giocatori al tavolo.
Tutti i regolamenti presenti nelle scatole dei giochi della linea LEGO sono pensati principalmente per bambini dagli 8 ai 12 anni.

Nella battaglia per la liberazione del Regno di Ennon, caduto sotto l’influenza dei mostri, il Barbaro giunge all’antica foresta di Waldurk, dopo avere riconquistato la Baia di Draida e, assieme al Mago, recuperato il Cristallo Deformante. All’ombra delle querce secolari il Druido Oscuro ha preso possesso delle rovine dell’antico tempio dei druidi e si è creato un esercito di Uomini Lupo e Ragni Giganti.
Il Barbaro, assieme al Druido e al Ranger, deve riuscire a sconfiggerlo a a recuperare il Calice della Vita, una delle quattro magiche reliquie cadute nelle mani dei mostri.

Il Gioco
Ci troviamo davanti ad un classico “Dungeon Crawler”, dal regolamento semplice ed immediato. Nel gioco base, dopo avere preparato lo scenario (nella confezione ne vengono suggeriti due) i giocatori competono per portarlo a termine ed i mostri sono statici. Molto più divertenti le regole di “Battle HEROICA” in cui un giocatore interpreta i mostri e li muove per fermare gli altri giocatori.

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Asara Review on Gamers Alliace Report Srping 2011 Issue

I’ve not always been a Ravensburger fan. Several of their recent releases haven’t pleased me so I was not particularly attracted to Asara. On the other hand, sometimes Ravensburger does publish really top-level hits and Asara is, after all, a Wolfgang Kramer-Michael Kiesling design. Kramer and Kiesling are a couple of authors often able to crank out perfect “dishes”. Combine that with the superb illustrations by Franz Vohwinkel and I finally decided to give Asara a chance. That was an excellent idea.

Asara is a simple game for 2-4 players. Players are in Asara (“the land of a thousand towers”) and are racing to build towers, scoring points for the highest number of towers, the highest tower in each of the 5 different colors and the absolute highest one.

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7 Wonders on WIN#417

Every year in Essen there is a game that stirs up the world of gamers, throwing them into a sort of spasmodic expectations, sparking curious phenomena of fanatic pre-show frenzy: disproportionate numbers of preorders, a rush to grab the last copy, preview acclaims that „This is the new Puerto Rico“. Often this pre-show madness results in a flash in the pan as was the case for Duck Dealer or Khronos, titles soon forgotten or sailing in the great group of games good but not exceptional. Other times you are faced with evidence of originality and strength as was the case for Dominion or Agricola.

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Loch Ness on Win #416


Nessie and the Loch Ness lake are deeply rooted in the common imaginary of everyone. The monster of Lake Loch Ness is probably one of the stars in the dinosaurs series, competing with Godzilla and the T-Rex for the top. Anyway is a bit curious that two games about Loch Ness lake, with the same name “Loch Ness” and a really close interpretation of the theme were published in the same year after years of silence around the monster of the lake.
Loch Ness by Walter Obert, published by Red Glove, is aimed at 2-5 players or, better children, from ages 4 and up. Is it mainly a kid game, with really nice art and easy but not trivial mechanics. It is easy to learn and easy to play but it offers enough choice to be really challenging for kids and not bad for adults too: the kind of game a gamer like to play with his 4-6 years old kids and actually it is the Essen best hit for my 4 year old son.

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Nuove recensioni/new reviews

Spedite le recensioni di Dakota per Gamers Alliance Report e 7 Wonders per Win

Just sent Dakota for the next Gamers Alliance Report issue and 7 Wonders for the next Win issue.

Giochi da Recensirie / Games to Review

La lista di giochi in attesa di essere recensiti si allunga … ma riuscirò a smaltirli tutti!

In questi giorni ho ricevuto

– Florenza, della Placentia Games
– Vinhos, della What’s Your Games ?
– Brain Race, dellc Clementoni

che si vanno ad aggiungere ai tanti titoli tra cui

– Magestorm
– Two by Two
– Munera: Familia Gladiatoria
– Libertè (new edition)

The list of games to be reviewed is becoming huge … but I’ll be able to review all!

In these days I got:

– Florenza, by Placentia Games
– Vinhos, by What’s Your Games ?
– Brain Race, by Clementoni

that will add to the already long list, including:

– Magestorm
– Two by Two
– Munera: Familia Gladiatoria
– Libertè (new edition)

Target Earth

Year 2030 AC. Hundreds of flying saucers from Outer Space suddenly surround our planet. The alien invasion has begun. Using coercion, intimidation and terror, and supported by advanced technology, the aliens achieve initial success when several countries succumb and take side with them, convinced of the invaders superiority. The aliens install bases in these countries from which they control their territory and repress any hint of resistance.

This is the preface to Target Earth, a new semi-cooperative game released by Gen-X Games, the Spanish publisher that shaked the games world with 2 De Mayo and Luna Lena. This is the first Jacobo Cagigal design and, for me, a really great coming-out.

Target Earth theme is not really new, at least for people aware of the UFO videogames series. The earth conventional armies are destroyed and the only hope lies in an allied secret project, supported by the latest human technologies: secret bases from which a resistance will be organized. Human technology is not enough: to win players have to defeat aliens in ground battles to recover materials to study alien technology.

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