LEGO Games su Tangram #25

LEGO Games ed impatto sul mondo del gioco.

Ciao a tutti, da giugno di quest’anno ho la fortuna di lavorare come consulente ludico sulla linea LEGO Games con LEGO Italia e posso quindi raccontare da un punto di vista privilegiato alcuni aspetti di questo maestoso progetto che, in un certo senso, ha dato uno scossone al mondo del gioco da tavolo. Uno scossone senz’altro perché quando una ditta come LEGO, con una posizione di primo piano nel mercato toys, decide di investire in un progetto del genere sicuramente lo fa a ragion veduta e in maniera non certo approssimata.

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7 Wonders on WIN#417

Every year in Essen there is a game that stirs up the world of gamers, throwing them into a sort of spasmodic expectations, sparking curious phenomena of fanatic pre-show frenzy: disproportionate numbers of preorders, a rush to grab the last copy, preview acclaims that „This is the new Puerto Rico“. Often this pre-show madness results in a flash in the pan as was the case for Duck Dealer or Khronos, titles soon forgotten or sailing in the great group of games good but not exceptional. Other times you are faced with evidence of originality and strength as was the case for Dominion or Agricola.

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Dakota on Gamers Aliiance Report Winter 2011

The events of the Old West and the struggle between Cowboys and Indians is a subject of endless fascination and relevance which can be read and interpreted at various levels. The advancing white civilization conquering the prairies bringing wealth and prosperity is faced with the great Indian tradition of respect and communion with nature. There is infighting among the various Indian tribes strongly influenced by firearms and alcohol carried by “white faces”, there are internal struggles for power between the various European nations and the economic interests of wealthy investors.

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