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Target Earth

Year 2030 AC. Hundreds of flying saucers from Outer Space suddenly surround our planet. The alien invasion has begun. Using coercion, intimidation and terror, and supported by advanced technology, the aliens achieve initial success when several countries succumb and take side with them, convinced of the invaders superiority. The aliens install bases in these countries from which they control their territory and repress any hint of resistance.

This is the preface to Target Earth, a new semi-cooperative game released by Gen-X Games, the Spanish publisher that shaked the games world with 2 De Mayo and Luna Lena. This is the first Jacobo Cagigal design and, for me, a really great coming-out.

Target Earth theme is not really new, at least for people aware of the UFO videogames series. The earth conventional armies are destroyed and the only hope lies in an allied secret project, supported by the latest human technologies: secret bases from which a resistance will be organized. Human technology is not enough: to win players have to defeat aliens in ground battles to recover materials to study alien technology.

Read the full review on www.boardgamenews.com



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