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Asara Review on Gamers Alliace Report Srping 2011 Issue

I’ve not always been a Ravensburger fan. Several of their recent releases haven’t pleased me so I was not particularly attracted to Asara. On the other hand, sometimes Ravensburger does publish really top-level hits and Asara is, after all, a Wolfgang Kramer-Michael Kiesling design. Kramer and Kiesling are a couple of authors often able to crank out perfect “dishes”. Combine that with the superb illustrations by Franz Vohwinkel and I finally decided to give Asara a chance. That was an excellent idea.

Asara is a simple game for 2-4 players. Players are in Asara (“the land of a thousand towers”) and are racing to build towers, scoring points for the highest number of towers, the highest tower in each of the 5 different colors and the absolute highest one.

Read the full review on Gamers Alliance Report



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