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Cosa Bolle in Pentola ? #3 – Mario Papini

Hi Gamers!

Here I’m for my 3rd appointment with Cosa Bolle in Pentola. For the ones (i hope few, now!) that still don’t know, it means what is boiling in the pot ? and it is all about project for the near future.

For my 3rd interview I’m gone to search Mario Papini.

Mario is quite new in the game show but I think both his games (Siena and Feudo) are really good so I’m very curious to know Cosa bolle in pentola. I was used to talk with Mario briefly during our Conventions becouse he is always so deep involved in playing and explaining his games: it’s nice to have time to talk with him a bit about projects!

[Liga]: Hi Mario, I’m really happy to have the opportunity to interview you. So, please, give us a short introduction about yourself

[Mario]: Hi Liga. So, I’m 52 years old and I’m a film distributor. In 1983 I have designed Casablanca, published by Adica Pongo. Last year Feudo and this year Siena.
Fischmarkt, 3rd at the Premio Archimede [the biggest Italian competition for unpublished games, ndr] last year will be published by Clementoni next year through Vernice Connection.
I have designed many other games for my friends and I hope to continue in the future because this thing make me happy.

[Liga]: Very nice! You just told be something but, Cosa bolle in pentola ?

[Mario]: Obviously the game for the next year! But the title is a secret! I’m quite ahead in the designing: I’m testing it in Italy and soon also outside Italy.

[Liga]: I was hoping something more about that … anyway, projects for the future ?

[Mario]: As soon as I have finished the game fro 2006 I want to start to think about the game for 2007.

[Liga]: And finally, the 10 games you like to play most ?

[Mario]: I’m sorry but usually I have really few time to play other games. I spend all the time thinking and testing my games. I have played few games we my friend of Goblin’s Lair or in Modena during the ModCon. I really enjoyed Keythedral and Prince of Renaissances.

[Liga]: Ok Mario. Thank you for everything and I hope to have the possibility to play-test your next game like I have done for Siena! Good play to all!
Next week I’ll go to interview Andrea Angiolino

© 2005 Andrea Liga Ligabue



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