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Greetings from Italy

Thank to Rick to give me the possibility to be the herald of what is happening in Italy.

I’ll do the best to provide you news, reports, previews and much more. I also try to make short and informal interviews with Italian’s designers, editors and distributors …

I call this interviews Cosa Bolle in Pentola that is a formulaic expression and means What things are you preparing (literally meaning What is Boiling in the Pot). I’m going to ask the interviewed a brief introduction about himself/herself, what is working on now, which are the projects for the future and finally the ten games he/she like most to play.

I’ll also, in the spare time between news, try to describe and introduce you to Italian’s largest Conventions and Fairs, Websites, Communities and Associations.

Good play to all
© 2005 Andrea Liga Ligabue



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